Princess Mia

Today is a happy day for Mia.  She is going to the Kingdom of Arendelle.

Mia stroked her cute dog Spot. “I am excited to go and play with my two best friends. One of them is Princess Anna and the other is her sister, Queen Elsa.”

Mia wondered what she would wear if she was a princess. And would she be able to dress her dog too?

She picked up Spot in her arms and gave him a hug. Then she opened her closet and found an old beautiful blue tutu. But it was too small for Mia.

Spot the dog frowned, he knew what was going to happen. Mia put the tutu on Spot! But the little dog did not look happy.

“Cheer up, Spot!” said Mia. “We are going to see my friends.”

Suddenly a knight on a horse knocked on the door.

“Mia! Queen Elsa and Princess Anne need your help. The Princesses’ kingdom is turning into the animal kingdom!”

Mia quickly hopped on the horse and they rode fast through the snowy fields, and soon they arrived at the castle. The knight guarded and guided her through the giant castle to Queen Elsa’s room.

The Queen and the Princess grabbed Mia in a big hug.

“Oh, Mia! There is a rabbit named Roo-

On my tutu-

Shoo shoo shoo!

And oh! The cat!

No fat cat! Scat! Scat! Scat!”

But the fat cat,

Would not scat,

It would not do that,

And it just sat on the hat.


And the fox,

Ate her socks,

One by one;

Until he was all done.

Mia saw the whole room was a big mess.

And the bear danced in Elsa’s pink underwear!


And the Armadillo slept on her pillow!

And Doves in Anne’s gloves!

And Skunks in her trunks!

“Aw, Stinky!” said Princess Anne. “Please! Go! Flee! Flee! Flee!”

“Don’t blame me!” said the cheeky skunk “they’re already stinky!”


“Oh! What do we do?” Said Queen Elsa.

Mia thought very hard. But before she could come up with a plan, the rabbit named Roo jumped through the air.

Mia caught the rabbit in a great big hug.

The rabbit liked the hug very much! “I’ve got a great idea,” said Mia to her royal friends. “Hug all the animals!”

“Great idea Mia! You’re so smart.”

“Let’s all be smart!” Said Mia. And they picked up the Armadillo on the pillow and hugged him until he was nice and warm.

“Thank you, Mia!” said the Armadillo. He was scaly to touch, but Mia did not mind.

Next Mia hugged the bear in the pink underwear.

He had sharp claws but Mia still held his paws.

And Queen Elsa hugged the doves in the gloves.

And Princess Anna hugged the fox that ate all her socks. “I forgive you,” she said.

And soon all the animals were hugging – even the fat cat got a nice pat!


“We’re sorry we caused such a mess!” said the fat cat. “We’ll clean up!” And the animals did just that.

“Thank you for all your help, Mia! You saved the Kingdom of Arendelle.”

“And,” said the fat cat, “You’ve conquered the animal kingdom.”

Mia was so happy. “You’re all welcome. I just love animals so much!”

“For all that you’ve done, Mia, we have a surprise for you.”

Queen Elsa and Princess Anne took her hands and walked with

Her to their closet. And when they opened it up, there was the

Most beautiful pink dress and sparkly crown that she had ever seen.


“Put these on and you will be our honorary Princess!”

Mia did put it on, and she looked incredible.

All of the animals applauded their new princess.

“I wish I was as pretty as you, Mia,” said Queen Elsa.

And Queen Elsa, Princess Anne and the new Princess Mia hugged once more.